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The Real Estate Private Equity Club aims to establish and maintain the University of Wisconsin-Madison as a premier recruiting destination for all real estate firms. By uniting a group of driven, intelligent, and dedicated students, we impart both hard and soft skills necessary to thrive in the industry. Through in-depth training and educational initiatives, the club prepares its members for successful careers and fosters relationships with professionals for networking and recruiting. Our objective is to assist our members in securing internships and full-time roles in real estate investments during their undergraduate years and post-graduation

About Us

Real Estate Private Equity Club

University of Wisconsin-Madison

The Real Estate Private Equity Club at the Wisconsin School of Business has quickly become a leading competitive campus organization for students interested in real estate. Partnering with the Graaskamp Center for Real Estate, we provide the latest industry insights and opportunities for our members. Our goal is to complement the #1 Undergraduate Real Estate Program (U.S. News & World Report) by facilitating educational, professional, and networking events.


Over this past year, we've grown to over 50 members and built relationships with numerous industry leaders. Now with an alumni network of over 20 former members working in real estate, we can offer career treks, mentoring programs, and guest speakers. 

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